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IP Telephony / VoIP

ip telephony If you have a reasonable quality Internet connection you can get phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of from your local phone company.

Today most organizations are expanding at a rapid pace to become globally competitive but the cost involved for infrastructure and its improvement has gone up significantly. It is critical for organizations to reduce recurring expenditure on voice as it forms a substantial part of overall expenditure. With the emergence of VoIP technology many organizations are giving a serious look at that as an alternative to traditional voice infrastructure.

VOIP Consulting and Support Services

  • Assistance in select and deploying VoIP and phone system hardware and software appropriate for your current situation and future growth plans
  • Provide local on-site VoIP support and remote monitoring
  • Evaluate your existing network and Internet access infrastructure to determine whether your environment is optimized to support VoIP

VoIP Support Expertise

KORELINKS provides local on-site computer consulting, desktop and network support services, systems engineering services, network design and installation, integrated message management. Our team has broad expertise in VOIP technology from Avaya, Nortel, and Cisco, as well as Asterisk and other IP telephony systems.

IT Management Strategy by VoIP Consultants

KORELINKS provides cost-effective technology consulting for businesses. A technology management strategy goes beyond the installation of computers and software. As your partner we can devise a strategic plan for implementing VOIP, tailored to your company's budget. These technologies enable users to:

  • Make and receive calls and check voice-mail through software with all the functionality of a regular phone, including caller ID, transfer, intercom and speed dial (Softphone)
  • Check voice-mail through a Web browser, providing an easy way to manage e-mail (Web-portal)
  • Advanced features such as click-to-dial, meet-me-conferencing, call monitoring and recording, and call queuing.

In-house or Hosted VoIP?

While deploying VoIP onsite is popular among small businesses, you may wish to test the technology first using a hosted VoIP solution. KORELINKS can help determine your in-house capabilities versus the cost to use an outside vendor. Outsourcing VoIP services could affect uptime, utilization of your IT staff, and options for SIP-compliant phones.

  • Hosted VoIP routes calls by interconnecting with the public switched telephone network through a digital central office exchange service, and are a good option for connecting remote locations as well as voice calling, interactive conferencing and streaming video.)
  • VOIP Consulting and Implementation Experts We stand ready to assist with your VOIP project.